Pick 'n Mix Savings

Pick 'n Mix savings only apply to our amazing collection of single serving sachets which are individually wrapped tea bags and superfood powders. Sachets are perfect for sampling new flavours and making variety gift packs
Pick 'n Mix
We don't think you should wait for us to randomly email you discount codes. We believe you should always have the best price available, so we built an automatic discounter into our Pick 'n Mix — that is ready whenever you want to shop and you won't need to enter a discount code at checkout either. 
Sachet prices drop automatically on-screen when you Pick 'n Mix more sachets. 
This is great, because you get to choose how much discount you want, which works on — save 1% for every sachet picked. 
So, for example 
  • Pick 20 & Save 20% 
  • Pick 50 & Save 50% (half price is our best offer).
The more you pick, the more you save  it’s that simple and you don't have to wait for a coupon to land in your inbox.
  • We also offer free UK delivery when you spend £10+.
  • If you spend less than £10 we only charge £2.50 delivery in the UK.
Pick 'n Mix Savings

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