Delivery Policy


Delivery rates are based on the amount you spend.

For example, untracked UK delivery is

  • FREE  – IF – you spend more than £15
  • £3.00 – IF – you spend less than £15

We offer Untracked and Tracked delivery services, which you can select at checkout. The costs for both services are tabled directly below. FREE delivery is only offered on the first attempted delivery and subsequent redeliveries from returned parcels will incur a delivery fee. 

We deliver worldwide and delivery rates are divided into 4 zones: United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU), United States of America (USA), and Rest of the World (ROW). 

Untracked Delivery Costs

Tracked Delivery Costs Oct 2021


  • The delivery time for each service in the tables above is a guideline provided to us by the carriers and it is not our guarantee. We have no control over the delivery process once the parcel is collected by the carrier. 
  • The delivery time excludes the day you place your order, UK Bank Holidays, and weekends.
    • For example, an order placed on a Friday evening or over the weekend is only collected by the carrier at the end of the business day on Monday. Parcels then enter the mail system on Tuesday, which qualifies as day 1 of the delivery window. Our carriers don't collect parcels on Saturdays or Sundays. An email notifying the recipient of the order fulfilment will be automatically sent when the parcel label is printed and that email will include a copy of the tracking number too.
  • Delays to your parcel delivery can be expected during peak trading periods such as Christmas, Black Friday - Cyber Monday and bad weather events (force majeure). This is beyond our control and in such events, you will need to wait a little bit longer for your parcel to arrive. 


  • International orders may be delayed by customs, which is beyond our control and we do not accept any liability for parcels delayed and/or withheld by customs. 
  • Delivery to any international country, now including those in the EU, may be subject to local customs duties and/or VAT (if applicable).
    • The recipient is liable to pay these charges (if indeed applicable) as Bloom Teas is not able to predict and pay these charges as the process is currently too complex.
    • For deliveries to the EU, we understand that if the order value is below 22 Euros then it is likely that no VAT (tax) or Import duties will be due and payable by the recipient.
    • Please note that the UK selling price includes NO VAT (tax) as tea products are 'zero rated' (i.e. 0% tax) in the UK, so you are not going to be taxed twice – IF – VAT (tax) is applied by a local customs authority.
    • Bloom Teas will not be liable for any non-delivery and/or any refund  – IF – an order is placed and not received or collected due to non-payment of any importation costs or taxes imposed by a local customs authority.
    • If an order is returned to Bloom Teas a refund for the goods, less any delivery and/or return delivery costs and customs duties, storage and clearance fees, will be paid to the customer.


  • Deliveries are made Monday – Friday during working hours only.
  • For orders below £50 you can choose between a cheaper Untracked service, or for peace of mind you may prefer the Tracked option that costs a little bit more, but you can track your parcel from point-to-point and delivery is typically faster.
  • In the UK, the Untracked service does provide 'online delivery confirmation'.
  • Untracked and Tracked delivery prices are shown on separate tables above.
  • Delivery prices vary based on your order value, which is shown on the left-hand side of each table above. 
  • All orders above £50 are Tracked (i.e., Untracked options are not available because of the higher order value).
  • Contact us for next day delivery quotes, which will cost more than the Tracked delivery prices tabled above. 


      • UK orders must allow 10 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) to pass, from the day you place your order, before we can investigate a missing parcel claim with the selected carrier. 
      • International orders must allow 15 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) to pass, from the day you place your order, before we can investigate a missing parcel claim with the selected carrier.
      • To open a case for a missing parcel, please email (or use our website Contact Us form) – AFTER – the required period (quoted above) has lapsed. You must include your full name, full address, order number and the email address used to place your order. We need this information to verify your identity and your order details.
      • We do not open and/or respond to cases via social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and we do not discuss customer orders in a public forum.
      • We are not liable to resend or refund your order if your tracking number generates a 'Proof of Delivery' that includes the date and time for the address details supplied by you.
        • In this instance we can investigate the matter with you and contact Royal Mail on your behalf and this process can take up to 21 days as we also have to wait for a possible returns process to complete.
        • If your parcel is missing we will ask you to check if it has been received by one of your neighbours or left in a 'safe and dry place' such as a rear porch, behind or even inside wheelie bins or other covered spaces such as meter reading hatches, which have been used by carriers in the past. The carrier should leave a note to advise the recipient of the parcels location, but this is not a prerequisite. 
      • We do not resend or refund your order (or any delivery costs) for items that are offered 'free of charge' (e.g. Free Taster Packs) – IF – the tracking number generates a 'Proof of Delivery' that includes the delivery date and time for the address details supplied by you when placing your order.
      • We do not resend or refund your order (or any delivery costs) – IF – your order was delivered to the wrong address due to an incomplete or incorrect address being used at the time of placing your order. It is the buyers sole responsibility to ensure the delivery address is 100% accurate and complete. 
      • If a parcel is returned to Bloom Teas, we will email the customer within 2 working days informing them that their parcel has been returned to us and ask them if they want it resending or refunding, which is subject to the condition of those returned goods being resalable.
        • If we don't get a response to our email within a set timeframe then we proceed with a refund less the delivery cost paid by the customer.
        • If the delivery cost was paid by us and not the customer (i.e. delivered free of charge), then we proceed with a refund less the delivery cost paid by us, which is based on the order value;
          • £3.00 delivery fee is deducted if the order value is £0 – £49.99
          • £7.50 delivery fee is deducted if the order value is £50 – £99.99
          • £15.00 delivery fee is deducted if the order value is £100+
        • If the customer responds to our email and requests a refund, then we will follow the procedure outlined above.
        • If the customer responds to our email and requests a redelivery, then we will email an invoice with a redelivery fee that correlates with the order value (refer to the fee schedule in the previous point). Please note that orders only qualify for FREE delivery on the first attempted delivery, so second redeliveries are subject to a delivery fee even if the original order value qualified for FREE delivery. 
      • Parcels are typically returned to us 15 – 20 days after failed delivery attempts and/or failed collection from a local sorting office and/or parcel depot.


      • We require your full name, full 'deliver to' address, order number and photos of the damaged tea packs and outer packaging – before we can make a claim against the carrier. We cannot investigate such claims without all of this evidence and we are not liable to replace or refund items unless all of this evidence is submitted. 


      • Australia and New Zealand prohibit teas containing citrus, which excludes the following teas from purchase, Rockaway Earl Grey, Grapefruit Martini, Raspberry Panna Cotta, Vanilla Tiramisu, Banana Rice Pudding, Tummy Timeout.
      • United States of America prohibits teas containing Ginkgo Biloba, which excludes the following teas from purchase, Coconut Kola Punch.


      • No exclusions are currently in place.