Our Story


Like so many start-ups, the original idea took shape at a kitchen table back in 2010. A decade later we rebranded and changed everything. To understand why, we'll revisit our journey so far.

The company was started in Wandsworth (southwest London) by Craig Coulton, who left architecture to try his hand at selling specialty teas that were a little less 'highbrow' and a bit more 'health focused'. It seems obvious now, but in 2010 the concept of a 5-Step Tea Plan to support your body’s changing needs throughout the day was unheard of.

Snapshots from our original branding shows how drinking different teas throughout the day can form part of a healthier lifestyle. 

5-Step Tea Plan

This daily Tea Plan worked like a menu – arranging each tea by time of day, making it easier to choose the right tea quickly. It was perfect for busy people as it delivered targeted nutrition (e.g. digestive ingredients at lunchtime) and a variety of plant-based nutrients and antioxidants from different teas. The teas were also zero calories and helped with daily hydration – tea is 99% water after all.

5-Step Tea Plan

We made our first sale in 2011 to luxury department store Harvey Nichols, which was followed by Harrods, Selfridges, Fenwick, and La Grande Epicerie de Paris to name a few.

Retail Partners

For us, the ingredients were the star of the show – delicious and aromatic and they looked great too, so we photographed the tea blends and printed them onto the tea bag cartons, which were also sold as boxsets.

Original Tea Cartons

We worked closely with the department stores for many years and designed a range of 'super-premium' glass tea caddies such as the Rare Golden Monkey King – blended with edible 24 carat gold petals. These classy caddies also caught the attention of fashion labels and featured at Gucci's NY fashion week and Marina Rinaldi's London flagship store.

Glass Tea Caddies

In 2015, we spotted another gap in the market  this time in the health food aisle, which was to sell functional and flavoured matchas (green tea powders).

Supercharge and Mojito Matcha

We created a fantastic range of matcha glass jars that were fitted with a handy spatula on the side, and we were fortunate enough to sell them in Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Holland & Barrett, Boots, OcadoAmazon and many more independent delis and cafes.

Matcha Collection

In 2016 we moved to St Albans and for the next few years we focused on selling matcha, which became a big trend and lots of great press coverage and awards followed.

Press Coverage

By 2019 we realized we could do so much more and we wanted to get back to our roots selling Big Leaf – Big Flavour tea blends. This gave us the opportunity to rethink everything and it was an opportunity to give the brand a bold new look for the future. 

We created 99p Starter Packs and a unique Pick 'n Mix where you get to pick and choose any flavour combination you like and the more you pick the more you save too. For us, variety and value for money underpin our desire to have some fun.

In 2021 we launched our new brand with exciting new products that are fit for the future. 



You! We are here to make great tasting big leaf teas much more affordable and enjoyable for you or anyone young at heart.



We sell 'fab' teas priced for every occasion, not just special occasions.

Our premium teas are not your ordinary supermarket ‘quick dunks’. Instead, we make Big LeafBig Flavour teas that pack punchy, better-for-you ingredients.

We’ve created bold flavours using exotic ingredients and we’ve also upgraded some ‘old-school’ favourites for the traditionalists out there.

Pick 'n Mix Sachets



You don’t eat the same meals everyday, so why drink the same teas every day? What you need is more variety, more often.

To make this affordable, we created a unique Pick 'n Mix  using sachets, which are individually wrapped tea bags.

You can choose as many sachets of each flavour as you like and the more you pick the more you save. You have complete control over what goes into your variety pack, which can include anything from black, green, white, fruit and herbal teas.

We know everyone is unique. We all have different tastes, we do different things, and we all want different experiences. Our moods, our health needs and what we’re doing when we drink teas are constantly changing too – so we want our teas to be as diverse as the people they serve and affordable for everyone.



Or so we like to think. Do we expect to be the only teas you drink? Not really. Do we want to be the most enjoyable teas you drink? Absolutely.

Having fun is at the core of what we do and we’ve shown the best teas don’t need to be highbrow or expensive. To use an eating analogy, think of our comfort zone as less 'formal fine dining' and more 'casual comfort food'  so for us, drinking teas must be fuss-free, tasty, enjoyable, and affordable.

We’ve worked hard to make that happen and in some small way contribute towards everyone achieving healthier lifestyles too.

Big Leaf—Big Flavour



It’s a self-proclaimed title but you’ll agree it’s a worthy one when you see what fantastic value for money we are offering you, not to mention the ability to Pick 'n Mix any flavours in any single-serving quantities is something truly unique – it is perfect for sampling new flavours and making variety gift packs.



Detailed information about specific flavours such as brewing directions, ingredient origins, caffeine content, weights and sizes, allergen and storage advice and so much more can be found on each product page.

Information about more broad ranging topics such as organic and vegan certification, how the same tea plant produces Black, Green and White teas, and so much more can be found in the Products section of our FAQ page.



We are a member of 1% for the Planet and, together with a growing community of like-minded companies around the world, is committed to making a healthier and more sustainable planet for us to share.

As a small, independent business we have made a great start, but there is a lot left to do and we are always striving to be better. 

Please read our statements in the Sustainability and Ethics section of our FAQ page.